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Easily Back Up your PC

If you want to back up your system settings then press the Back Up your PC button on the Quick Start page. Premium Booster suggests you two different ways to backup your system. By default you're forwarded to the Registry Backup page. This operation will dump your registry files to the specified folder. After you have specified a destination folder and name for your backup you should press the Start button. The process can take few minutes depending on the power of your PC and size of the registry.

Premium Booster can back up your system settings so that you can revert to them in case of some system failure. This is a very useful feature. Let's say you're going to install and run some suspicious software or do something which may result in serious changes applied to your system. In such situations it's safe to create a restoration point with system backup as this way you can always roll back to your old settings.

To Restore your registry navigate to the left panel and press the Undo button. To finish the restore operation you will have to reboot your PC.

Users of Windows ME/XP/Vista can also use System Backup for their needs. This type of backup will dump all your current system settings including certain system files. This is a very useful feature in situations when you'd like to save your system configuration before installing some 3rd party software which may affect your system in an unpredictable way, so that you'll have to roll back your system to the previous stable state. This is easily done with System Backup. To switch from Registry Backup to System Backup you need to press the System button under button Backup in the left panel.

You can change your current system setting for System Backup by pressing the Configure button.

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Release: Aug 29, 2012
Size: 4.6 MBytes
Price: $26.95
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