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Manage your Startup Programs

Premium Booster has built in powerful startup manager which can become your advisor in questions regarding which applications should be run at startup and which ones should not. Below Is a set of steps explaining how to use startup manager.

Premium Booster has a large database of programs which can be found in your startup list. It will allow you to identify many of the startup items and see whether you really need that or another program to be started with your Windows. It can save some privacy as well as it will free some memory which won't be allocated by suspicious modules any more.

1. Open Startup Manager window by navigating to the left panel and clicking on the corresponding Startup button.

2. Now you should see the list of applications which are currently configured to be loaded at startup. Active items are in checked state. If the item has been tuned to not load at startup by some reason, then its checkbox is unchecked. Selecting any item will show you detailed description in the bottom window. This information can help you decide whether you really need some particular program to start with Windows.

3. To turn on/off some items simply check/uncheck their checkboxes correspondingly. To save the changes press the Save button. In order for the changes to take effect you will need to restart your machine.

4. If you want to completely remove the item from the startup list select it and press the Delete button. You can select multiple items at one time (hold Ctrl button to add/remove items from the selection).

5. You can add new programs to startup list by pressing the Add button. The new dialog will pop up where you must enter program path and other optional details.

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Release: Aug 29, 2012
Size: 4.6 MBytes
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