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People share their "Premium Booster" stories with us...

Share your story with us...

Message from: Muriel
I downloaded this program last night and to my amazement it works!! My husband is a Nascar game player online and he has had some issues that we have not been able to fix and this program fixed his computer problem THANK YOU!! for this great program :) SissyÖ aka Muriel

Message from: thruhiker
I am a computer tech. I used this program on my own system and can see a definite difference in my system performance. I highly recommend it.

Message from: Joe
This software significantly improved my PC performance. Easy to download and easy to navigate. First rate. Thank you.

Message from: Jason C
After running all the optimizations on Windows Vista Home Basic, the O/S ran 25% faster then what it had been running at before. I absolutely reccomend this valuable tool. On a final note here, this is a piece of software that EVERYONE can use without the intimidation and complexity of competitors products such as System Mechanic, ETC. Absolutely user friendly!

Message from: Jim
It found alot of problems and actually allowed me to repair my Internet Explorer program that was not loading properly. I dont normally use IE but wanted it to function properly so I could upgrade to IE7. Firefox is my browser of choice.

Message from: victor
this is an excellent program. my computer is noticeably faster! thanks!

Message from: Microsoft promotional dept.
Jimmy Kolo of Staysecure at declares this to be one of the best freeware giveaways yet! Kolo is a certified security software developer for Microsoft & manages many web sites as well as providing a wide array of online tech. support. If Jimmy Kolo says itís good you can count on it!

Message from: JLDillon
Iíll give this a tentative thumbs-up. I installed (with no trouble) and ran the program. 492 errors were detected. I backedup my registry and corrected the errors, rebooted, and everything seems to run fine. I canít tell as of yet if my computer is running faster, but at least it started up after reboot. Thatís always a bonus! However, for the record, thereís been no harm done. I usually use System Mechanic (because itís what I have) and have gotten mediocre results. Premium Booster found (and corrected) errors that System Mechanic didnít catch. Thatís a bonus.

Message from: Laura Dorris
Just installed and ran this. Worked great simple to use worth buying.

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Release: Aug 29, 2012
Size: 4.6 MBytes
Price: $26.95
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Designed for Windows7 Windows 7
Designed for Windows Vista Windows Vista™
Designed for Windows XP Windows XP
Designed for Windows 2000 Windows 2000
Designed for Windows ME Windows ME
Designed for Windows NT Windows NT
Designed for Windows 98 Windows 98
Designed for Windows 95 Windows 95

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More than 80,000 visitors of GiveAwayOfTheDay.Com have downloaded and installed Premium Booster program within 1 day. 94% users have given "Thumbs Up" to our product. Many people have left feedbacks some of which can be found here.

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