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We provide technical support for Premium Booster and will gladly assist you if you need our help. However before contacting our support team please take your time and check the F.A.Q. section as your question may already be discussed there.

Also in this area you can read more details about how does Premium Booster work. All information is provided for educational purposes.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?
You may register your copy of Premium Booster here.

I lost my registration key. How can i get it back?
Send us an email explaining that you have lost your registration key and try to provide us with details which help us to identify you as a registered customer (order id, tracking id, registration name/email). We will send you a new key as soon as possible.

What are the limitations of the unregistered version of Premium Booster?
  • Trial period, which equals to 31 days
  • Number of problems which can be repaired at 1 time equals to 20 problems
  • You can protect only against 50% of ActiveX malware items

When should I use Premium Booster?
When you install/remove software you should know that it alters the registry by adding/removing certain information. However such changes cause your Windows registry to grow in size, which immediately leads to decrease of application response time and consequently slows down your system. At the same time the number of invalid links grows, which is of no good to your system. That is why we recommend you to perform registry defragmentation:
  • Every 30 days.
  • When new software is installed.
  • When existing software is uninstalled.

System Backup/Restore doesn't work on my machine. What could be wrong?
First of all you should remember that this feature is supported bye Windows Me/XP/Vista only. If you are using OS which supports this function and still have a problem then read the explanation below.

System Backup/Restore functions are invoked through VisualBasic/Java Scripts (VBS/JS). So if it doesn't function properly that may be because some application like firewall or antivirus is blocking execution of the scripts. In this case you'd have to enable scripts execution in the corresponding program. In other cases you'd have to reinstall Windows Script component for your version of Windows.

Startup Manager highlights some autorun items in blue, green and red colors. What do these colors mean?
Premium Booster has a big database which contains a list of known programs which are started automatically with your Windows. When some application is identifed it is really marked with either blue, green or red color. Blue color is assigned to items which are absolutely safe and won't cause you any troubles. Green color is usually adjusted to some drivers or other modules which sometimes can be turned off and it won't affect performance of your system. Red color signals that the given program is a virus or a trojan and it should be removed from startup list.

When i reboot my PC all checkpoints created with System Backup disappear. Why does this happen?
This problem really exists on machines where several versions of Windows are present. If you are using Windows Vista along with some other earlier version of Windows then your checkpoints will be deleted next time you reboot. This is how Vista works and if you don't won't this thing to happen we'd recommend you to install a clean copy of Vista on your disk.

How can i set Premium Booster to skip some problems while scanning?
First you have to complete the scanning process. Then in the problems list select desired problems and right click with your mouse on them. In the popup menu select and press "Skip these problems at next scan". This action will add selected problems to white list. To clear the white list press "Clear the skip list" in the same popup menu.

My system behaves strange. Can Premium Booster help me?
The only way to find out is to install and evaluate the program. The problem may be residing in a virus or spyware. In this case you can use Premium Booster's Startup Manager to analyze your startup items and if needed take necessary precautions.

What are the minimum requirements for Premium Booster?
Premium Booster needs at least 5 Mb of free space, 8 Mb of RAM.

How do I uninstall Premium Booster?
To uninstall the program please go to Start -> Programs -> Premium Booster -> Uninstall Premium Booster.

I found a bug in Premium Booster. What should I do?
If you encounter problems, please visit and download the latest version to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, please send a bug report to:

Does Premium Booster run on all Windows versions?
Yes, Premium Booster is designed for Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/2K3/XP/Vista (32bit and 64bit OS)!

I use other registry defragmentators/optimizers/tweakers. Is Premium Booster compatible with them?

Powerful Scanning Engine
Premium Booster's complex algorithm allows to detect different types of problems which may be located in Windows registry.

Protection Against Malware

Premium Booster can protect your PC against a set of malware programs which use registry keys to register and launch their modules.

Advanced Startup Manager
You can read extended information about your startup items and decide whether you really need that or another program to be started with your Windows.

Windows Tweaks
These tweaks can really optimize performance of your OS since your Windows will be tuned to do what you actually need from it, but now what a default user may need.

Comfortable System Backup
Premium Booster can back up your system settings so that you can revert to them in case of some system failure.

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